LensCrafters Takes on Social Media with New Campaign

We’ve seen clever social media marketing from some of our favorite eyewear brands in the past (remember Warby Parker’s #warbywalk?), and now LensCrafters is getting in on the action.

The How You See It app offers users a fun look back at their past via Facebook. Once linked to a Facebook account, users are taken through virtual journey of how they see the world, facilitated by photos pulled from their profile. The concept of the app ties in nicely with LensCrafters’ “We see to every detail. You see to perfection.” slogan, and once the virtual journey is over, users can share how they see the world with their friends.

The photos pulled generate a collage-like banner that users can share to Facebook. Nifty, no?

It gets better. The dimensions of the banner are the exact size to be used as a cover photo, so once it’s posted to Facebook users can set it immediately. Also, once a user posts their photo to Facebook, it comes with a caption and link inviting others to experience how they see the world and create their own banner.

With How You See It, LensCrafters has created an app that users will enjoy using and makes use of a space on Facebook that many users and brands are still struggling with. The odd dimensions of the cover space can make it difficult to find a photo that will work, and Facebook’s cover photo guidelines have made it difficult for brands and pages to create unique and shareable covers. Unlike some of the more obviously branded cover photos, LensCrafters seems to have created something personal, attractive and still brand-related.

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