Google+ Local Offers Recommendations from People You Trust

The Google family just keeps on getting bigger. The newest inductee is Google Local, an improved version of what used to be Google Places. Essentially it’s “a simple way to discover and share local information featuring Zagat scores and recommendations from people you trust in Google+.”

Google Local is accessible from several places including search, maps, mobile and of course Google Plus, where it has its own tab within the lefthand menu bar.

Google Local screenshot

Users can search for specific places like Longman & Eagle or browse broad categories such as “haircut.” Click the location to see a local G+ page which, as seen below, includes photos, Zagat scores (a recent Google acquisition that focuses on user-written submissions and surveys), and, with the magic of Google Plus, reviews from people in your Circles. You’ll also find essential info such as address and hours of operation.

Google Local screenshot

This local info is currently integrated into Google Maps for Android and coming to iOS. Contribute to the system by adding opinions and photos of your own, with a Zagat score that looks at all the essentials: food, decor, service and cost.

Google Local screenshot, zagat

We look forward to seeing whether this new services catches on in the next several weeks. What do you think? Next time you need a cup or coffee or dental cleaning, will you head to Google Plus?