Facebook Mobile Ads Boasting CTRs Higher than Desktop Counterpart

Though still new to the game, the click-through rates for Facebook’s mobile ads are already higher than those on PCs.

A recent study conducted by SocialCode examined more than 7 million Facebook impressions from between June 8 and June 18 for 12 SocialCode clients who ran fan-acquisition campaigns. The results showed that the click-through rates for mobile ads were 0.79%, higher than the 0.148% average CTR for mobile, desktop news-feed only, desktop only, news-feed only and “control group” averages combined. It was also higher than the desktop-only news-feed ads’ CTR, which came in at 0.327%. Check out the full chart below from AdAge.

b2b seo services, b2b seo consultant, seo marketing agency, marketing agency chicago, seo agency chicago, digital marketing agency chicago, advertising agencies on facebook, b2b facebook pagesThis backs up previous research which suggested that mobile ad CTRs are higher than those for PCs. But a mobile ad by itself doesn’t guarantee clicks. Studies have found that CTRs vary by device and OS as well as content shown in the ad. Check out our full reports on both here and here.