Video, Games Help Boost Mobile Ad Engagement

Medialets recently conducted a study examining how mobile rich media ads perform, and the data they uncovered could be enough to change your mobile strategy. You can check out the entire infographic here, but we’ve taken the opportunity to condense it into the key points to take to your next marketing meeting.

According to Medialets research…

  • Adding video can improve engagement rate by 35%
  • On average, users spend 20 seconds with mobile rich media ads
  • Ads that include a video, brand-relevant game or product catalog can drive time spent over 1 minute
  • Despite this information, only 30% of ads in tablet apps include video, and only 12% of ads in smartphone apps include video

Of course, click-through rates for mobile ads don’t just depend on the ad itself, it also depends on the platform and mobile device used. Recent research has discovered that iOS devices and the Kindle Fire boast the highest CTR. Read the full breakdown here.