In B2B Organic Search Knowing is Half the Battle

Can you describe what your firm does in a few key words or phrases? How about a page of them?

We wanted to know how many advertising, marketing and public relations firms have identified a set of keywords to “own” for search purposes, and whether or not this process makes a difference in search-based lead generation.

We found that about half of the agencies we surveyed have completed the keyword identification process.

Of those that have identified keywords, 39% said that popular search engines generate more leads for their company than any other digital source.

Among agencies who have not identified company keywords, only 20% identify search as their top digital lead generation source.

That’s a pretty significant difference – and one worth discussing.

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One could say the act of creating the list means priority is being placed, but we would also hypothesize that keyword data is often created and filed away. In the era of the social web, sharing is caring. And that means alerting your entire organization to desired terms that you want to rank for in organic search as part of the plan for organic domination. It may also mean recruiting a B2B SEO consultant.

Which keywords and phrases does your agency consider relevant? Has it streamlined your SEO efforts? Have you enlisted a B2B SEO consultant? What difference has it made for you?