iPad, Kindle Fire Boast Highest Mobile Ad CTR

Recent research from Jumptap suggests that when it comes to the battle of mobile advertising click-through rates, iOS devices and Amazon’s Kindle Fire reign supreme.

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According to the study, different sized devices from the same company boasted similar click-through rates. The iPad and iPhone had click-through rates of 0.90% and 0.84%, while Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, Note and Galaxy S had rates of 0.53%, 0.58%, and 0.53%. This suggests that the platform and device have more influence on click-through rates than a device’s size.

Although the iOS devices boasted higher click-through rates than most of the competition, one Android device in particular did achieve higher CTR: Amazon’s Kindle Fire had a CTR of 1.02%.

The study also found that while the iPad appeals more to Millennials and, to a lesser extent, Gen X-ers, the Kindle Fire is the go-to for Baby Boomers.

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