Combining Search and Social for Superior Digital Results

The Search & Social 101 presentation below recently caught my attention. It does a great job of highlighting the growing relationship between search engine marketing/optimization and social engagement. Check it out then read my commentary after the jump.


You knew I wasn’t just going to leave it at that right? At lonelybrand we have emphasized the need for digital integration from not two, but six distinct areas that make up a complete digital communication program.

It doesn’t stop at the gates of Google and Facebook folks.

Of course adding elements makes a system exponentially complex. That’s why you’re used to seeing firms that “specialize” in SEO, Social Media or Content Marketing. It’s easy to communicate to prospects and easier to handle workflow internally. Those are fine and good, but at the end of the day they can’t be relied on to drive meaningful results.

You could get out there and hire a PR firm, a social media firm, a search engine marketing firm and a mobile developer – then teach them how to work together. Sounds fun right?

My point here – if there is one – is that I’m not crazy, and that mega-agencies like Edelman are starting to pick up on the fact that a multichannel approach in digital produces better results, and firms that can specialize in  owning the right mix of those channels have a better value proposition than “pure play” specialists.