comScore: Nearly 1 in 3 US Smartphones is an iPhone

ComScore released its most recent report on mobile trends yesterday, revealing a growing popularity in Apple, apps and mobile social networking. No surprises there, right?

Device choice

From February to May 2012, nearly 110 million people in the U.S. owned smartphones, up a full 5% from February.

Top platforms

As far as platforms, Android is still leading the pack with a 50.9% market share. Apple gained an impressive 1.7% market share in the past 3 months, which means the iPhone now accounts for nearly one in every three smartphones in the US. Meanwhile RIM struggles to stay afloat with just 11.4% market share.

Mobile activity

By far the most popular activity on smartphones is text messaging, with a steady 74.8% of subscribers (smartphone users) utilizing the service.

App use continues to grow at an accelerated pace, faster even than mobile browser use. In the past three months 51.1% of subscribers used mobile apps, while mobile browser use held at 49.8%. The difference is slight but could point to an emerging trend in the preference of apps over mobile browsers.

Not surprisingly, social networks and blog consumption have climbed in the mobile space. 36.7% of smartphone users said that they had accessed a social networking site or blog via their mobile device, a 0.6% jump from an earlier 2012 study.

Given stats like these, it appears that mobile devices are rapidly closing in on PCs. More on that here.