Mobile Sets its Sights on PCs, Gains Ground in Search

Go Local LLC has released their latest Local Search Index Study and the results bolster the assertion that mobile use is interfering with PC use.

In 2012, smartphone penetration in the U.S. reached 50% — an achievement illustrated by Go Local’s June report where mobile devices accounted for 25% of search volume in April 2012. PCs now account for 75% of the search share.

The study also found that the Local Search Index for Mobile increased by 15%, while the local search index for PCs decreased by 10%.

The study monitors search activity across 50 cities in the United States and 25 cities in Canada for 30 industries. The study is made up of two components, PC search activity and mobile search activity. These components are then combined to generate a total index value called the Local Search Index (LSI). Each month the indices are updated to identify increases or decreases in local search volume throughout the year.

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