RIM, BlackBerry Prepare to Fight Back

Last week, Orlando played host to the BlackBerry World conference where RIM announced some new BlackBerry features and gadgets which it hopes will prove to be enough competition against the likes of Android and Apple and keep them afloat. Here are a few of the biggest, most interesting announcements to come out of BlackBerry World 2012.

  • BlackBerry Music Gateway is announced. This small device allows users to stream music from their phone to their stereo, all via Bluetooth. RIM has added near-field communication wireless technology to make the process simple.
  • BlackBerry 10 is announced. The newest generation of BlackBerry was revealed at the conference under the name DevAlpha. The phone boasts a 4.2-inch touch screen with 1,280 x 768-pixel resolution. Because the newest platform wil be incompatible with apps created for previous platforms…
  • RIM offered $10,000 to BlackBerry app developers. To help make the transition to the BlackBerry easier, RIM is offering $10,000 to any developer whose app is certified for BlackBerry 10.

RIM also just announced a new COO and CMO — Kristian Tear and Frank Boulben. These announcements, coupled with Twitter’s recent rollout of promoted tweets to BlackBerry devices have some wondering if RIM is preparing to make an effective comeback. Last week we discussed the common opinion that BlackBerry is on its way out and invited readers to weigh in on the situation. Unsurprisingly, the majority of participants responded “Yes, BlackBerry is a dying brand,” with 16% saying “It could go either way,” and 5% saying “No.” But we wonder if these latest announcement from RIM have or will change consumers’ perceptions.

blackberry dying brand, blackberry stats, blackberry Do you think these additions to the BlackBerry arsenal, and a new platform, will give BlackBerry a fighting chance in the world of smartphones? Or have they become a thing of the past? Share your thoughts with us here, or vote in our Facebook poll.