5 Digital and Social Media Marketing Trends


Marketing is constantly changing and tech driven marketing channels like social media and digital marketing change at an even quicker pace. As we approach the end of 2014, what trends are affecting marketing now? Or, what will be impacting your brand’s marketing strategy throughout next year?


Marketing Trends

Interactive Content

Storytelling just isn’t enough anymore. To create more engagement, marketers are turning towards interactive content. Interactive content allows users to be part of their own stories and gives them a sense of ownership in what they make/how they interact with brands.

Location Based Content Marketing

Content Marketing is going to get a lot more local going forward. As mobile platforms become more advanced, location based content marketing will become a viable option for more businesses looking to interact with customers in the real world. Location based content marketing is essentially the marriage of content marketing, mobile marketing, and brick and mortar retail and will prove valuable to the success of businesses.

Native Advertising

Native advertising is becoming an absolutely essential component of digital media. Many content-portals now rely on income from native advertising to keep the proverbial lights on. As native advertising becomes more and more commonplace, it will become absolutely essential for marketers to find ways to use native advertising ethically. Readers will not be content with native advertising unless it is completely transparent, and they will not use it if they don’t trust the content that native advertisers create.

Buy Buttons Everywhere

As social networks struggle to prove they can be profitable, many are introducing “buy buttons” that allow consumers to purchase products directly from the social network of their choice. Buy Buttons are still in their infancy and have yet to prove if they will actually provide social networks with value. If successful, they will prove a valuable tool for brands going forward.

YouTube Influencers

YouTube hasn’t quite killed the TV star but they’re certainly giving them a run for their money. YouTube influencers are building huge followings that marketers can no longer ignore. Partnering with YouTube influencers will provide benefits for brands and the influencers as well.