Is Location Based Content Marketing the Next Big Thing?

Location Based Content Marketing


Two of the biggest trends in marketing right now are content marketing and mobile marketing. More and more brands are creating content that’s meant to engage and inspire their fans. More and more brands are optimizing their advertising (and content) to be viewed on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. It only makes sense that these two trends would converge. One of these convergences is the rise of location based content marketing.


What is Location Based Content Marketing?


In the world of mobile advertising, ads are still largely disruptive. That is, when you use your iPhone to go to a website, you get a pop up ad, or see a banner ad before you can use the site you’re going to. Location-based advertising takes this a step further and provides pop-up ads and banners based on your location. For instance, you might be near a Jack-in-the-Box at lunchtime. You open your phone and do a search for “restaurants.” An ad for a nearby Jack-in-the-Box comes up and it includes a coupon code!


Location based content marketing would take this a step further and offer content that is useful, interesting, and of course, pertinent to the user’s location. Say for instance you’re in downtown Chicago wandering up and down the Magnificent Mile. You do a search for “deep dish pizza.” Included in your search results is a sponsored story about the history of Chicago deep-dish pizza that happens to feature a historic Chicago pizzeria like Uno’s or Lou Malnati’s. Now, the person who did the search has found something interesting, read it, and learned more about a pizzeria she may want to visit. By creating compelling, local content, the searcher is less likely to ignore the ad.


What happens next?

Location-based content marketing is still relatively new. It will be important to follow along as it evolves to make sure your location-based content keeps up with best practices.

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