Facebook Buy Button Starts Testing Phase

facebook buy button

Facebook ad updates have allowed brand to encourage their fans to “learn more” about a topic or “join” an event. Now, the Facebook team is testing an option that would allow consumers to buy from an ad without even leaving the network.

facebook buy button

Yesterday, Facebook announced that it would be testing this new buy button with a handful of small and medium-sized businesses in the U.S. (perhaps as an olive branch to those same businesses who were hurt by the decrease in organic reach and the sudden push to adopt Facebook advertising). Similar in appearance to the newsfeed ads which feature a button encouraging users to perform a number of actions, the button would allow users to click it and buy the featured product directly in Facebook.

With the enlarged, more effective ad link previews, and the redesigned Facebook layout, the combination of the ad and the buy button could prove to be a major step forward for brands advertising on Facebook. Why?

The enlarged link previews allow users to see the product well enough to make an informed purchasing decision.

The Facebook buy button will be accessible in mobile and desktop feeds, ensuring that mobile users aren’t left out.

Having the buy button in the feed itself eliminates the possibility that a consumer would “get lost along the way” in their purchasing journey.

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