YouTube and Google Bring AdWords to Video for All Advertisers

Last month we reported that Hulu was changing its ad policy, only charging advertisers if their ad was viewed all the way through. Now, YouTube is offering a similar policy as they roll out their Google AdWords for video feature to everyone.

Announced at the end of April, YouTube is now offering Google AdWords for video to everyone. Advertisers already using Google AdWords will be happy to know that they can manage their video AdWords from the same platform and account. With TrueView video ads, advertisers will only pay when their ads are watched by YouTube users, not unlike Hulu.

Advertisers can choose the demographic they want to reach and then use their AdWords account to measure their reach, effectiveness and conversion rates. According to YouTube and a Google Campaign Insights study, YouTube video ads drive a 20% increase in traffic to sites and a 5% increase in searches for businesses.

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