Hulu Ad Policy Change Focuses on 100% Completion

Have you considered buying advertising time from Hulu? Then this recent change in their policy may have you giving it more to ponder.

In a blog post last week, Hulu’s SVP of Advertising, J.P. Colaco, announced that advertisers will now only be charged based on a 100% completion rate. That is, advertisers will only be charged if their ad has been complete streamed. This change applies to Hulu and Hulu Plus, and otherwise doesn’t affect advertisers who have already signed with Hulu.

This announcement closely follows Hulu’s decision to allow users to swap out one ad for another that they feel is more relevant to their interests.

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What is your reaction to Hulu’s announcement? Does this change in policy make you more inclined to purchase ad time from them? Share your thoughts with us! Are you exploring digital paid media options for your brand? Be sure to check out Spotify’s new brand app feature.