Yahoo Prime View Ensures Advertisers with 100% Display Ad Viewability

yahoo banner

Let’s face it, display ads are complicated. While they can help build brand awareness to users, and allow you to retarget the one who got away, they also run the risk of not actually being seen. Last year, comScore found that 5.3 million display ad impressions were served in 2012, but three in 10 of those were not actually viewable. They never even had the opportunity to reach their targeted audience, yet advertisers paid for them just the same. This has long been a risk in the world of display advertisings, but Yahoo is looking to make the ad purchasing process more effective.

Yesterday, Yahoo announced the release of Yahoo Prime View. It allows advertisers to run their display ad campaigns at a 100% viewability rate on Yahoo. This ensures advertisers that they will pay only for the ads that users see, not just impressions that are being served. The feature is now available to display ads in the U.S. and will be rolled out globally over time.

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