White Paper: Marketing Planner 2012 – Social Media Monitoring Tools

Social media remains a buzz term among marketing professionals the world over. As mobile and social commerce grow in scope and complexity so must the tools marketers use to monitor, engage and report relevant conversations in outlets like Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Low barriers to entry for software as a service products combined with a lack of case study material has crowded the social media monitoring space.

But which social media monitoring tool is a fit for your organization? What are the most popular tools and how are they being used today? How much should you budget for social media monitoring tools in 2012?

This white paper includes:

  • Research and findings from 5 popular social media monitoring tools.
  • Objective scoring according to 8 key dimensions.
  • Social media monitoring tool recommendations for agencies and brands by function and budget.

To learn which social media monitoring tools are right for your company, download the white paper today.