White Paper: Driving Quoting Behavior With Mobile Apps

b2b social media, social media b2b, social media agencyLooking to get your insurance company on the mobile map in the coming year? You’re not alone. Nearly half of marketers hope to devote more resources to mobile app development in coming years. That means everything from user experience review, device testing, customer service, and piloting unique marketing programs such as brand ambassador marketing.

In a crowded marketplace with national players how can you stay ahead of the insurance industry pack?

In this lonelybrand white paper, you’ll learn about trends and strategies in insurance industry mobile apps. You’ll also get analysis from the people who really matter: application users.

This 17-page white paper discusses:

  • Game changing mobile white space in the insurance industry
  • Why innovation trumps expectation in the mobile space for the insurance industry
  • Why Apple leads development for mobile insurance applications
  • Why offering free applications might be a symptom of a bigger problem
  • Analysis of 10 leading insurance industry mobile applications
  • Recommendations for mobile application development for 2012 and beyond
To learn how insurance organizations can use mobile to drive quoting behavior in 2012, download the white paper today.