Twitter Opens Up Tailored Audiences to Brands

tailored audiences twitter

Twitter recently announced that the tailored audiences feature it previously beta tested is now globally available for brands. This is great news for brands, but if you’re not sure what opportunities this could afford your brand, we’ve laid them out for you.

Target and retarget users who have already shown interest in your brand

Thanks to browser cookie IDs, brands can provide Twitter with browser-related information and find and target individuals who have already expressed interest in their brand by visiting their site. Not only does this provide a retargeting opportunity for brands, it also provides brands with the ability to further connect to customers and encourage them to come back to their site more often.

Reduce your cost per acquisition

As the announcement details, “Krossover, a technology company that analyzes game video for sports coaches, used tailored audiences to drive a 74% decrease in cost per customer acquisition (CPA).”

Improve conversion

The announcement goes on to note, “Enterprise app performance management company New Relic saw 195% higher conversion rates targeting their website visitors during the beta.”

Boost engagement

“Inbound marketing software platform Hubspot,” the announcement explains, “saw a lift in engagement rates of 45% with tailored audience campaigns over their historical averages.”

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