What Twitter’s Ad Exchange Could Mean for Brands

twitter retargeting

Taking a cue from one of its social rivals, Twitter will be launching an automated ad exchange of its own. AdAge details that the exchange will enable brands to buy ads programmatically and then target Twitter users based on their browsing and search history — helping advertisers access data revolving around users’ purchase intent.


This is a smart move for Twitter (and advantageous for brands) because search data can be a much greater indicator of purchase intent than social data. The social media giant is prepping to launch the service, and has already communicated to specific brands about purchasing exchange ads.

So, what can you expect from the Twitter ad exchange?

Similar format to already existing Twitter ads.

According to the AdAge report, the site has promised that the number of ads in a user’s Twitter feed will not increase. Considering that information, chances are the retargeted posts will be similar in appearance and frequency as promoted posts. And because the exchange is focused on retargeting, users will be more likely to see and take note of the ad posts in their newsfeeds.

Same density of ads in Twitter feed.

Again, taking the site’s promise into account, users’ Twitter feeds will carry the same amount of ads as they currently do. Although this may seem like it limits the opportunities you’ll have to get your ad in the mix, it will actually help keep users from getting bombarded and frustrated by being served too many ads.

Possible advanced targeting options.

The AdAge report also hints at a possible option that would allow advertisers to target users in their customer databases. This would act similarly to Facebook’s Custom Audience feature and allow advertisers more precise targeting and, potentially, more conversion.

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