‘Twas a Merry Christmas for Mobile

Looks like the merry theme of this Christmas was mobile, mobile and a little more mobile.

Data from years’ past shows an upturn in app downloads and smartphone activation on Christmas day (gifts, duh), but there was some serious mobile magic in the air this year.

According to a study by Flurry Analytics, there were 6.8 million new smartphone activations on December 25th. The App Store had quite the busy day as well – consumers download 242 million mobile apps on Christmas Day.

The graph below compares app downloads on Christmas Day (the green line) to the average number of app downloads for the rest of December. And whoa, looks like we know what you were doing on Christmas.

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Be it the giving and receiving of App Store gift cards, shiny new smartphones, or desperate need for distraction from relatives, mobile application downloads blew up on Christmas Day. And according to Flurry, this trend is expected to continue throughout the New Years’ weekend.

Consumers are ready and willing to download apps in this time frame – the key for marketers is to get those app in front of eager mobile users.

Which apps did you download over the holidays?