TimeAppsule and the Future of Brand Apps


Although it comes with a rather high, secret price tag, a new app could give us a glimpse into the future of apps for brands.

TimeAppsule allows users to create digital time capsules. These capsules can contain messages, voice recordings, gifts and other media, but the recipient can only open the capsule at the time specified by the sender. Thanks to the nature of the app, the sender can set the open date at a point in the future and send it well in advance. It’s an interesting app for personal use, and its similarity to other trendy communication apps could make it attractive to teen mobile users. More than that, though, brands could use it to their advantage, perhaps even more-so than those competitor communications apps. How? By using that tech to their advantage.


Currently, brand-centric apps either offer features completely separate from the brand’s message itself, or give users an easy way to purchase goods and use services directly from the brand. TimeAppsule’s time sensitive and private message focused nature, however, could usher in a new world of brand-centric apps — specifically, brand-centric apps built to message brand “gifts,” content and promotion codes to eager fans and customers. More than SMS and MMS content, it could be an effective way to send content directly to fans exactly when brands want them to receive it.

What are your thoughts? Will more apps (and brands) begin to adopt the time capsule nature of the TimeAppsule app? Or will brands simply continue to use and take advantage of apps like Snapchat?