Three Ways Hospitality Brands Can Put a Face to Their Name

One of the biggest obstacles a brand tackles is getting consumers to see it as something more than a faceless entity. Giving them a face to associate with the name they know makes it more personal and something they can more easily relate or react to (think Steve Jobs and Apple or Marissa Mayer and Yahoo). Of course, a brand consists of more than a well-known CEO, so it’s just as important to highlight the other employees that help a brand run smoothly. Three luxury hospitality brands in particular — Mandarin Oriental, Four Seasons and Ritz-Carlton — are excelling at this task with some simple content marketing. Here’s how:

The Face Behind the Food

Part of the attraction of staying at a luxury hotel is the expectation of incredible food by skilled chefs. Both the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group and Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts¬†know this and are highlighting the men behind their menus. Mandarin Oriental Executive Chef Richard Ekkebus recently shared his holiday wishlist while Four Seasons Executive Chef Andrew Cooper shared his grandmother’s recipe for potato latkes. Both gave fans an intimate look at the chefs and fans reacted positively.

The Men and Women Behind the Scenes

Much like Mandarin Oriental and Four Seasons, the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company has created a special section of their Facebook page dedicated to employees in positions that are normally overlooked. Called The Art of the Craft, the section features interviews and information about employees like the Housekeeping Supervisor, the Sommelier and the Shoe Shine Valet. Once again, this feature offers an intimate look at the people behind the most overlooked positions, causing fans and consumers to look at them in a new light.

Concierge About Town

Being a member of the prestigious Les Clef d’Or concierge organization is certainly something to be proud of, and the Mandarin Oriental takes this honor seriously. Every member of their San Francisco concierge team is a Les Clef d’Or member, and the hotel recently highlighted that in a post. Not only does the post give the chain the chance to brag about their service, it also gives them the chance to gain their customers’ trust. Assuring hotel patrons that the concierge team can help them find their way around the city, and hit all the hot spots, helps make the experience special and could be enough to inspire a first-time or return visit.

What are some ways that your brand is helping bring some customer attention to your employees?