Three Hotel Facebook Profiles Inviting Fans to Enjoy Their Stay

Hotels from Motel 6 to Hilton quickly embraced the social space, and with good reason. A study found that the Lenox Hotel’s┬ásocial media promotion generated $55,000 in revenue and 257 room nights. If you want fans and followers to keep coming back to your hotel’s Facebook account, though, it’s important to look beyond the ability to do social booking and share discounted stays. These three hotel chains, in particular, have found fun and engaging tabs to add to their Facebook profiles. Take a look and find some inspiration for your own brand.

Hilton Hotels & Resorts

hotel social media marketing

Hilton has embraced Spotify in a prominent tab on the brand’s Facebook page in order to give guests, fans and followers fun travel playlists. Customized according to mood, Hilton gives fans a variety of lists to choose from to make their travels more pleasant. The playlists not only appeal to Hilton customers, they also stand to appeal to Spotify‘s 10 million registered users. That’s a great marketing opportunity if you’re traveling the world for adventure and need that special playlist to make the trip go better. The next time a customer is deciding where to stay in Tokyo, for example, you may just remember Hilton more fondly.

SpringHill Suites by Marriott

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In an effort to give fans and followers a unique and fun trip around the U.S. (without requiring them to leave their homes), SpringHill Suites recruited travel photographer and blogger Ken Kaminesky to travel to 10 cities and highlight the local artists and public art that define each city. Through the customized “Art on the Road” tab on the SpringHill Facebook page, viewers can instantly peruse Kaminesky’s latest discoveries and posts to Instagram and Twitter. Not only are the discoveries fun and interesting, they could also inspire fans to take a road trip on their own.

Omni Hotels

hotel social media marketing

Taking a cue from Instagram (really, who isn’t these days?), Omni Hotels is giving fans the chance to see the hotel through the eyes of current guests with their customized “Guest Glimpses” tab. It’s easy for guests to contribute to, too, as posts tagged with the #OmniHotels tag are automatically included. Instagram has 30 million+ registered users, and if even half of the people who have ‘liked’ Omni on Facebook are Instagram users, Omni could stand to collect thousands of photos from customers’ experiences.

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