The Auto Industry Goes Mobile

Many industries have made the jump to the mobile sphere, from insurance to hospitality. But one industry in particular is working its way into the mobile world, and has us wondering where it will go next.

We’ve already pointed out the great work Ford is doing in the realm of social media, but the auto industry as whole is presenting drivers, customers and even salesmen with a new mobile experience. Here are a few auto apps that really stood out to us.

Chevy Game Time app, auto appsChevy Game Time – Although the Super Bowl has come and gone, and the app no longer gives users a chance to enter Chevy’s sweepstakes, we felt this app deserved a shout-out. When released, the app gave users the opportunity to answer live trivia about the game and the commercials for a chance to win prizes. It also gave users who got a unique custom plate ID the chance to win a Chevy – if your ID was shown during the Chevy Super Bowl commercials, you won the car it was on. Not only did the app gives users the chance to win prizes, it also got them to engage with its commercials that were accompanying the game. The fact that it was free made it even more appealing to fans. It was available for iOS and Android.

GTI Edition 35 app, auto apps, VolkswagonGTI EDITION 35 – Volkswagen marked the 35th anniversary of itsĀ Golf GTI Edition with an app that allowed VW fans to relive the past. It gives users a virtual driving experience, 2 game modes, vehicle data, a virtual showroom and a location-based Volkswagen dealership finder. For a free app, VW is giving users a lot to look at and play with. It’s informative and fun and the dealership locator is a nice touch that may aid in their efforts to convert app users to true VW customers.

My Ford Touch, auto appsMFT Guide – The MyFord Touch Guide is a free app that serves as a true aid in attracting potential Ford customers. It emulates MyFord Touch which is available in many Ford models. The app serves as a first-hand interactive experience for those interested in a vehicle with MyFord Touch, and it’s primarily being used as an aid for salesmen looking to inform potential buyers. The app is available for iOS and Android, and appears to be a great tool for Ford in terms of CRM. With the app, the dealership can ensure that buyers will have the tools they need to make the most of their purchase.

What are your thoughts? Do you think more automakers will make the leap into the world of mobile marketing? Do you think auto-related apps will change the way the industry sells vehicles? Share your thoughts with us. Interested in the way that the insurance industry made their leap into the mobile realm? Check out our white paper all about it.