6 Free Content Marketing Tools


So you want to get into content marketing. Great! Content marketing is an excellent way to reach and engage potential and existing customers. However, content marketing does take time and money. If you’re a new business or a small business, you may be short on both. Fortunately, there are lots of great free resources that you can use to get your content marketing campaign going.

Here are six of our favorite free content marketing tools.


Adobe Photoshop is an excellent program and it is fairly essential when creating visual content for your content campaigns. However, a subscription can cost upwards of $69.99 a month per user. While it’s features aren’t NEARLY as robust as Photoshop, the web-based platform Pixlr has many of the same features and it’s free.

Google Drive/ Docs

Microsoft Office is another platform that is fairly essential nowadays, but if you’re strapped for cash, Google Drive and Google Docs provide applications with basically the same functionality as many of your favorite Office programs, but free of charge and with collaboration tools that are actually a little better than what Office offers.

WordPress/ Blogger/ Tumblr

Want to create lots of great evergreen content? Need a place to publish and manage that content? Well thank your lucky stars that most of the web’s blogging portals are free. Choose whichever platform best suits your campaign’s needs and get blogging.


Infographics are more popular than ever. There are many, many great tools to create infographics. Vizualize.me has a huge advantage over the rest of them: it’s free. If you want to create a simple, clean looking infographic, Vizualize.me is a great place to start.

Google Analytics.

It’s important to get the best data you can to refine and enhance your content. While pay tools are more robust, you can get the basics of what you need from Google Analytics. Analytics is easy to set up and offers lots of great information about your campaigns.


If you plan on doing a lot of writing or other content creation, download Evernote to your smartphone immediately. Evernote is free and lets you take notes that you can save in the cloud and use across different devices. If inspiration strikes when you’re away from your laptop, you can make a note, save it to Evernote, and save it for when you get to work.