How to Choose the Best Blogging Platform for Your Business


Blogging is a great way to get your brand into the content-marketing game. Once you have decided on a topic for your blog, and worked out an editorial calendar for your first few months of blogging, you will need to pick a publishing platform. If you are part of a large brand with all kinds of budget, you may have the funding to set up a custom blog that integrates directly with your web site. If you are a smaller brand, there are some free out-of-the-box solutions you can choose from. Three of the biggest platforms are Blogger, WordPress, and Tumblr. In this article, we explain the pros and cons of each of these three platforms.

Blogging Platforms.


Blogger is owned and operated by Google. This means that one of Blogger’s biggest advantages is that it integrates easily with everything else Google makes including Google Search and G+. Blogger is also very simple and easy to use. The main con of Blogger is that it is not nearly as customizable as WordPress and some other platforms.


-Easy to use.

-Integrates with other Google products.


-Lack of Customization options.


WordPress is very popular amongst bloggers. Like all of the platforms discussed in this article, you can set up a WordPress blog and be up and running in minutes. WordPress’s biggest advantage over many other out-of-the-box blog solutions is its customization options. A WordPress blog can look just about any way you want it to. The disadvantage is that some users may find WordPress over-complicated and intimidating.


-Many customization options.

-Constantly updated.

-Relatively easy to use.


-The many options may intimidate some users.


Tumblr’s biggest advantage is that it is both a social network and a blogging platform. This means it’s easier to build a community using blogs posted on Tumblr than it is utilizing some of the other platforms listed here. Tumblr also features a younger user-base than WordPress or Blogger. If your brand’s demographic appeal skews younger, this can be a big advantage for you. Tumblr features the fewest customization options of all platforms listed.


-Younger users.

-Part of a social network making it easier to build community.


-Very few customization options.

-Younger users (only a con if your brand is targeting an older crowd)

After looking through the options, take some time to evaluate what is right for you. Make a list of the requirements you need, and choose which platform will meet those needs effectively.