Rules of a Digital Summer, pt. I

Summer is here and the heat wave has (hopefully) passed. There are no more excuses to put off your fun-in-the-sun summer activities, and we’ve got a great set of guidelines to help your summer stay digital-friendly with respect to your social networks and online presence.

1. Capitalize on Every Opportunity (Just Make Sure to Censor Yourself)

There are only a few short months of summer per year, and you need to make the most of them before the harsh Chicago winter rolls around again. A random stranger invites you to a disco-themed volleyball party on the beach? Don’t even think about saying “no!” Take pictures and have fun, but make sure you show discretion when choosing what photos and stories to share on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Remember, if you have to censor your material, it’s probably better to just leave it off in the Internet altogether.

2. Travel, Travel, Travel, but Avoid Millions of Check-ins

Alright, let’s get something straight. Everyone loves traveling and telling their friends about where they go. But a lot of us will put an abrupt halt to our vicarious adventures through your posts if we see you checking-in multiple times per hour. Checking in at the Eiffel Tower? Totally awesome. Checking in at the gas station for a bathroom break? Not awesome.

3. Be Outgoing, Meet Cool People, Extend Your Network

Meeting people is always a good plan no matter the season, but summer tends to have more opportunities for it. Every beach outing, concert, party, or get-together you attend, introduce yourself and enjoy the people around you. You can meet people to help expand your professional network, or even better, make some new friends.


That’s it for this week. Be on the lookout for more Rules of a Digital Summer to help keep your personal and public lives separate. In the meantime, check out some apps to help you have fun and stay fit.