C-Level Execs Report Using Location-Based Apps Daily

If you have a preconceived notion about the people who use location-based apps, some recent study findings might surprise you.

According to JiWire’s quarterly Insights report released in April, 70% of C-level executives report using location-based apps. Of them, 14% use them weekly, while 56% use them on a daily basis. In addition, more than half of business people use apps on a daily basis regardless of position or company size. And when traveling for business, the top three most-used app categories are travel, weather and social networking.

The report also found that location app users have a variety of reasons for using them. Men are more likely to location tag their posts to connect with others nearby, while women are more likely to tag to notify friends and family of their travels and experiences.

As BizReport details, the next step for brands is to take advantage of those users who are constantly on the go by appealing to the user, the activity they’re engaged in and their specific location.

Who else is likely to use location-based, check-in apps and services? Check out our full report here.