Promoted Tweets Make Their Way to BlackBerry Devices

Even though most tech and consumer sites have written off BlackBerry, with some even holding disdain for those who still have them, Twitter isn’t ready to give up on them just yet. So much so, that it has expanded its Promoted Tweets service to BlackBerry.

twitter, blackberry

In March, Twitter introduced Promoted Tweets to Android and iOS devices. Not wanting to miss out on the diehard BlackBerry fan demographic, the service rolled out the feature to BlackBerry devices earlier this month. Not only are BlackBerry users seeing the general promoted tweets (like those rather disastrous attempts by McDonald’s), Twitter advertisers now also have the opportunity to target which platform demographic they want to target (e.g. Desktop and laptop computers, iOS devices, etc.) and the list includes BlackBerry!

twitter, blackberry

Giving advertisers the ability to target specific platform users will undoubtedly help those brands who manufacture laptops, desktops or smartphones and tablets. For popular apps that might advertise on Twitter, like Angry Birds and Instagram, it will also help them target the people most likely to become customers.

Although the ability to now target and reach BlackBerry users with Promoted Tweets is available, do you think that the inclusion of BlackBerry was necessary? Is it truly a dying brand? Is the addition of BlackBerry an attempt to capture remaining users? Or is it an optimistic addition on Twitter’s part? Find us on Twitter and share your thoughts!