3 Ways for Restaurants to Take Advantage of SMS Marketing

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If you’re a restaurant looking to get more diners, but haven’t tried using a text-based marketing strategy, you and your customers are missing out. An incredible¬†98% of all SMS messages¬†(and MMS messages) are opened, boasting higher open rates than email marketing. If email blasts aren’t giving you the kind of open rates and conversion you were hoping for, now might be a good time to explore the world of SMS marketing. How could you use text messages to promote your business? Look at our three examples below for a little inspiration.

Promote lunch specials for a lunchtime blast.

Target hungry workers with promotions for lunch specials and send them just before lunchtime. Whether or not you create lunch specials with promotion pricing, simply promoting them via text to hungry customers just before lunch time will help push them to make the trip out of the office and down to your door. Remember, timing is everything!

Promote delivery services to stranded workers.

With people spending more time at the office, and less time away from work, it’s gotten harder to actually get a real lunchhour in. Use this as an opportunity to promote your business’s delivery services. Promise a delicious lunch delivered right to their cubicle, and time it so that it’s sent right around lunchtime. Frustrated, stressed, hungry workers will see it and be swayed to place an order. Simply using the SMS space as a means to remind them of services you have, even without a promotional offer, can be enough to bring in orders.

Advertise happy hour promos to 9-5ers right before quitting time.

Offer your customers relief from a hard day by sending messages that promote specialty drinks and Happy Hour. Time it well, so that it’s received just before the recipients leave work, giving them the opportunity to gather some coworkers and make their outing even bigger.

Learn the ins and outs of SMS marketing with our 101 course, and then improve conversion with these four simple tweaks.