Improve SMS Marketing Conversion with These 4 Simple Tweaks

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Boasting much higher open rates than other forms of digital marketing, a whopping 98% of all SMS messages (and MMS messages) are opened. But getting people to open and read your texts doesn’t always guarantee that they will act on them. So, what can you do to boost your chances of a successful conversion?

Use verbs.

Are your brand’s more traditional forms of marketing and advertising filled with verbs? Then why aren’t your promotional texts? Using action words inspires recipients to, well, take action. Using them at the beginning of your message helps you communicate your promotion quickly. Words like “Save,” “Buy” or “Sell” to kick off your message gives recipients an idea of the offer that awaits them, while also encouraging them to “Save,” “Buy” or “Sell.”

Use short, memorable coupon codes.

Yes, if the coupon code is only redeemable in-store, then the customer will need their phone and the text itself in order to redeem the promotion in the first place. But if it’s redeemable online, then make sure it’s short and easy to remember. Not only does it help encourage customers to use it, it also makes it easier for them to redeem it (and will probably result in fewer issues involving customer service and codes that, reportedly, don’t work).

Remember: Not all of your users are smartphone users.

As of September 2012, 55% of cellphone users have smartphones. That leaves 45% of the cell-using population with just feature phones. Although the number of smartphone users will no doubt continue to increase, nearly half of your potential sms audience isn’t equipped to deal with SMS messages that cater to smartphone users (e.g. texts including links to sales). If you include elements that benefit smartphone users but not other users, then be sure to compensate for it. Use a shortened version of the link that is easy to remember. This way, smartphone users can tap and be redirected automatically, while others can easily remember and type the address into their desktop browser.

Keep it easy to read without going into text speak.

Avoid hyper-abbreviated text vocabulary if possible. Although your customer base might be younger, don’t run the risk of alienating them with words and spelling that talks down to them. Instead, get creative and find other abbreviated ways to communicate your message and stay within your character limit, while still keeping the tone and personality of your brand.

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