Research Reflects IBM Study on CMO Uncertainty

Marketing execs are beginning to feel the pressure of the digital divide.

We’ve witnessed a dramatic shift from traditional to digital media, and  this metamorphosis has CMOs concerned about adapting to an uncertain future.

A recent CMO survey by IBM reflects our own research on marketing executives’ impressions of the evolution of the industry.

CMOs on the future of marketing

According to the IBM survey, 78% of CMOs expect more complexity over the next five years, but only 48% are prepared to deal with more complexity.

The lonelybrand study shows similar anxiety for the future. Only 58% of respondents feel prepared for the future of advertising, marketing and PR.

Understanding the implications of social media

lonelybrand research shows that only 48% of top marketing executives “fully understand the implications of social media on [their] business.”

On a similar note, IBM’s research shows that 68% of marketing execs feel unprepared when it comes to social media.

And while over two thirds of CMOs plan to increase their companies’ use of social media, mobile apps and tablet apps in the next year, only a quarter say they personally need to acquire social media expertise. Instead, the vast majority of CMOs continue to rely on traditional market research, leaving blogs, social and other digital communications tools behind.

Understanding and accepting the changes in the marketing climate is half the battle. But to be truly prepared for the future means having a thorough grasp on the elements of an effective digital communications plan.

How are you adapting to the digital age of marketing? Do you feel confident that you are doing enough to get (and stay) ahead?