4 New Year’s Eve Promotions to Help Your Fans Ring in 2014

new year's eve promos

Where has this year gone?! 2014 is just around the corner and many brands are well into the planning stages for next year’s social and digital promotions. If you haven’t taken the time to come up with some New Year’s Eve promotions, though, don’t worry. We’ve got four great ideas to get your customers and fans interested and engaged!

Midnight push notifications

In the past, we’ve suggested launching a flash sale at midnight. It’s a fun idea and the urgency gets users interested and browsing quickly. If your brand has an app, you can bolster the sale and get more eyes on it by using well-timed push notifications. You could send out a notification 10 minutes ’til midnight to remind users that your sale is coming soon, and then follow it up with a notification right at midnight, telling them to start shopping now!

SMS promotions

Another way to spread the word and boost engagement for a midnight flash sale is to send out SMS promos. Include a coupon code, along with a link to the desired landing page, and time the messages to be sent out as close to midnight as possible. Even if your SMS subscribers are away from their computers, they’ll have their phones nearby to do some quick shopping.

Midnight Madness photos

Go the user-generated content route with a photo-based promotion asking fans to submit photos of their New Year’s Eve celebrations. You can highlight the entries on one dedicated site page or create a highlighted Facebook image incorporating as many of them as possible.

2014 resolutions

Resolutions are tough to keep for a variety of reasons, so encourage your customers to hang on to theirs for as long as possible by giving them a push in the right direction. Give fans a prompt asking for their number one resolution for 2014 and ask them to explain why it’s so important they keep it. The most compelling submissions can be rewarded with a Visa gift card, or even a gift card to your own services and products (depending on what industry your brand falls in and the winners’ resolutions).

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