3 Brands Crafting Great Digital Holiday Promotions

digital holiday promotions

A couple weeks ago, we suggested some great ideas brands could use right away to make their social networks festive. We pointed out some brands already employing some great techniques, but that made us wonder: What brands are already doing some great digital holiday promotions? We spoke with Stacey Miller, Social Community Manager for Vocus, to get her take and help get your brand brainstorming.



“On Facebook, Reese’s is showing their fans how to repurpose those simple chocolate peanut butter pieces of heaven into Christmas decorations, recipes for holiday desserts and now, a gift fresh from the factory in time to put it under the Christmas tree of your chocolate loving friends and family,” Miller told us. “The number of comments and shares on each post is testament to its success.”

General Electric

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 9.40.04 AM

“Electricity and appliances might not be particularly exciting when you think of General Electric, but on Twitter, they’re running a campaign for the first annual 3D Printing Day, where tweeting using hashtag #3DPrintMyGift enters you to win a customized, 3D gift such as a pen holder or iPhone 5 speakers shipped to your home in time for the holidays.” Miller noted, “Including influencers who created their own 3D gifts you can win seems to have boosted the engagement of this neat campaign.”


Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 9.42.13 AM

“True to their coolness, JetBlue is running a digital campaign across their networks called the Festival of Flights (get it?) sale that offers discounted flights through the 4th of December for travel during the first month of 2014.” Miller noted that it’s “Great for those saving cash during the holidays, but still want to see family, the two-day only sale creates a sense of urgency for shoppers.”

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