65% of Emails Opened via Mobile Devices, Movable Ink Finds

mobile email

Still convinced that your email program only needs to be desktop friendly? Movable Ink is here to change your mind. In a recent study examining consumers’ mobile habits from Quarter 4 2013, the Movable Ink team found that the number of people opening emails via mobile devices, and the amount of time they spend reading them, is only increasing. Here are some of the highlights:

  • 65% of emails were opened on either a smartphone or tablet device
  • Over 16% of emails were opened on a tablet
  • Apple devices account for 50% of total email opens, Android devices account for 14%
  • 38% of iPhone users spent at least 15 seconds viewing each message, 35% of Android users spent at least 15 seconds viewing each message

With more and more proof that consumers are spending most of their time on their mobile devices, marketers who have been slow to adapt need to act quickly. If your email fails to translate to a mobile audience, it is guaranteed that your recipients will not spend 15 seconds reading your message. To get caught up quickly, take the following steps.

Use responsive email templates

If you’re already using an email marketing service like MailChimp, you should have responsive email templates already at your disposal. Take the time to check them out and find one that best fits your email’s purpose and your brand’s voice. You might have to experiment with it as time goes on, but making the jump to a responsive template will definitely help improve your open and click through rates.

Make sure landing pages you point to are also mobile friendly

If you haven’t already embraced a responsive design for your site, now is the time to begin exploring it. It won’t do your email subscribers much good if the landing page they’re directed to looks like a pinch and zoom nightmare. Embracing a responsive design will not only make your page look good on a variety of screen sizes, it will also help encourage click through on mobile devices.

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