Meet Katherine Leonard

Meet Katherine, Digital Content Developer at lonelybrand.

Katherine, in her words

Nine out of ten times a Chicagoan asks me where I’m from, they hear my response and immediately make that ever-so-flattering fake barf face. But St. Louis ain’t all that bad. Besides, I don’t see America flocking to that Chicago suburb you grew up in.

I graduated from DePaul a while back and soon after ditched my aspiring career in the non-profit sector to write about selling things with computers. Full circle, baby.

What are your most visited online haunts?

My most beloved digital time suck comes in the form of mildly narcissistic design blogs like designlovefest and Miss Moss.

When I’m for some odd reason not in the mood to rot my brain with meaningless pretty pictures, I like to peruse the articles on Slate so I can reminisce about the most recent episode of Downton Abbey. A secondary motive is to daydream about how when I grow up, I’ll be just as witty and cultured as the writers at Slate.

What are your favorite pieces of the digital universe?

I upload about 9 photos to Instagram a day. Enough said. Additional cherished cyber things include Evernote, which serves as my collection box for random interesting articles that I promise to someday read, re-read and put to good use in the depths of my brain. Last digital thingy I can’t live without? Just like every other Blue Line riding young professional Chicagoan, that honor goes to my precious Amazon Kindle. Real original.