What Does Interactive Content Look Like? 5 Examples from Brands

interactive content

Interactive content is king. Demand Metric has illustrated this fact. Now, it’s time for marketers to react and adapt. Of course, simply seeing a list of types of interactive content isn’t the same as seeing these types of content actually in action. Seeking some real-world examples of interactive content? We’ve found great examples from a variety of brands to get you inspired.



interactive content

The Build Your Own IS configurator from Lexus gives buyers the ability to build their dream car to their desired specifications. It’s great because it gives buyers another tool during their research phase, making them more informed about their purchase. Although they can’t complete the buying process online, it does give them the ability to find a nearby dealer, improving the odds of conversion, and preparing them for the conversation they’ll eventually have with the dealer.


Virginia Education Wizard

interactive content

The Virginia Education Wizard site helps students attending one of Virginia’s community colleges find career assistance, transfer between schools, and even get them ready for their first job interview. One of the great tools it features is the Resume Builder. With this wizard, users are given a series of questions that they simply answer, and the resume builds itself. It’s a great tool that makes a difficult, intimidating and confusing task easier to manage.



interactive content

If it’s applicable for your brand and industry, a calculator can be one of the most useful forms of interactive content you can have. It gives users a tool that they can bookmark and return to on a regular basis, bringing you return visitors and maintaining brand awareness. The Monthly Budget Calculator from NetCredit is a great example of it.



interactive content

Quizzes walk a fine line. Fluff quizzes won’t bring any value to you or your potential customers. Quizzes that relate back to your brand, your industry and your products, however, can add real value. The What Is Your Learning Style Quiz from Edutopia is a great example. It’s specific to the brand’s industry, can be enlightening for the users, and can even prompt the user to explore Edutopia’s resources for things that would aid them in their classroom and allow them to adjust and adapt to different learning styles.


The Small Business Association

interactive content

Depending on the services and products you provide, assessments could be very beneficial to your brand and your customers. Giving them a tool to determine their preparedness level for a purchase, or to determine what type of product best suits their needs, can make the research process so much easier and more engaging for the customer. This Small Business Readiness Assessment from the Small Business Association perfectly illustrates this type of tool.

Get reacquainted with the types of interactive content that are resonating with audience now, and get a refresher course on how to do quizzes the right way here.