Get Organized with Wunderlist

mobile appsWunderlist has been around for a couple of years, and considering my obsessive compulsive list-making tendencies, I’m sincerely disappointed that I only just now discovered this productivity-enhancing gem.

In its simplest form, as the name implies, Wunderlist is a list-making tool. But its streamlined interface is loaded with tons of tools to keep you on task from device to device.

Cloud-sync + universal lists

All tasks are synced on your Wunderlist account, and the app conveneintly works on iPhone, Mac, iPad, PC, Android and even has a new web version.

Share your lists

Share tasks and lists with your friends and colleagues via Facebook, email, text message or within the app itself.

mobile apps

Create lists via email

Shoot an email to “[email protected]” with a list of tasks and it will automatically show up in list form on any device you use to access Wunderlist.

mobile apps         mobile apps

Organize and prioritize

Sort tasks into lists and rearrange the order with a simple drag and drop. Star the tasks that are most important, and set due dates for yourself or your teammates.

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Set up push notifications or email reminders to let you know when due dates are approaching.

mobile apps      mobile apps

According to a counter on their website, 77,286,480 tasks have been created with Wunderlist. Holy productivity.

The Wunderlist app is available for free in the App Store, Android Marketplace or on their website.

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