Freemium Content: Does it Convert Users into Paying Customers?

We’ve all heard of freemium content, and even though it can drum up interest in a product or service, getting users to become paying customers can be difficult. iYogi Insights, though, has discovered that conversion is possible for just about any product or service. In a recent study, the company researched the average percentage of conversion for select categories of products and services.

freemium service conversion chart

By far, video and movie services have the greatest rate of conversion at 65%. This is undoubtedly due to popular promotions from services like Netflix and Fandor that give users the opportunity to view/rent unlimited content for free during the introductory period.

Services with the lowest performance conversion-wise are image and video sharing services, earning 24% conversion. Although these services, including the likes of Shutterfly and Flickr, earned the lowest conversion in this study, turning one quarter of all users into paying customers is still impressive.

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