Free Your Organization’s Idea Monkey!

Free the Idea Monkey book, G. Michael Maddock, Raphael Louis VitonAlbert Einstein, John Lennon and Ted Turner. What do these three men have in common? According G. Michael Maddock, they are all Idea Monkeys — the very people that their new book is focused on.

In “Free the Idea Monkey,” Maddock strives to make Big Ideas people of the world realize their potential, and teach the (Ring)leaders of the world how to bring out the best in them. Idea Monkeys are priceless members of an organization who have the ability to not only create ideas, but build upon the ideas of others. It’s not enough for a business to have an Idea Monkey waiting in the wings, though, there has to be a (Ring)leader to manage the Monkeys and give them structure.

With the book, Maddock devises a course of action to assess the situation, find and hire your own Idea Monkey and learn how to manage and nurture him or her. Each chapter is broken down into lists and bullet points to help managers make small but important changes on step at a time. Each chapter also ends with a (Ring)leader to-do list to challenge and guide managers as they move forward.

The book maintains a brisk pace  and avoids turning into a dull or abstract business manual. It’s a lonelybrand recommended read if you need a management guide that engages and encourages completion.

Afraid that you’re not nurturing your own Idea Monkey? Download a free chapter, or order the book, from the official “Free the Idea Monkey” website.

What is your favorite business or productivity book in recent memory?