Facebook to Supply Advertisers with Free Shutterstock Images


When it comes to Facebook ads, one of the most important factors is photo choice. For the most part, users are focused on the main content rather than the righthand ad column. As an advertiser, that means the more compelling your ad image is, the better chance you have to catch a Facebook user’s attention.

Facebook knows that when advertisers use better images, they see a higher ROI on ads. So to keep advertisers happy (and keep investors happy with consistent ad revenue), Facebook is making moves to enhance ad image options. Thanks to a new Facebook Shutterstock partnership, advertisers will now be able to source better images for their ads without additional cost or effort.

Free Shutterstock images for ads

This week Facebook announced that “In the coming weeks, marketers will have access to millions of images from the Shutterstock library — at no additional cost.” The library will actually be integrated into Facebook’s ad creation tool, so that advertisers can find and utilize the images they need in one convenient place.

What does this mean for advertisers? First and foremost, there’s no longer an excuse to use bad images in Facebook ads. There’s no reason to resort to boring logos, pixelated photos or cartoons sourced from a Google image search. Just remember that even in a stock photo library, not all images are created equal. Facebook offers the following tips for ad image success:

  • choose images that are relevant to your product or service
  • use bright and eye-catching images
  • given the size of ad images, go for simplicity over small detail or text

Upload multiple images for A/B testing

No matter how great you think your ad image is, there’s always room for improvement. To speak to that, Facebook now lets advertisers upload multiple images for a single campaign and test out which image performs best for that particular campaign.