Facebook Enlarges, Limits Right-Hand Column Ads

right-hand column ad

Lately, bigger is better on Facebook, and the team is preparing to expand that philosophy to the network’s right-hand column ads.

In a blog post, the Facebook team announced that it will begin to enlarge the size of the ads shown in the right-hand column. To deal with this increased size, however, the team will also be limiting the number of ads appearing in that column. This updated ads format is meant to complement Facebook’s new Newsfeed layout, but it’s also meant to benefit advertisers.

right-hand column ad

With the new ad size, it will be easier for advertisers to achieve a consistent look across all of their posts and ads. The new ads look very similar to the new post format in the updated newsfeed, and they even use similar proportions. This adjustment will make it easier for advertisers to find images that work in both places. It will also increase their chances of engagement and conversion. The Facebook team reports that they’ve seen up to three times more engagement around the new ad format than the old format. It’s not surprising, considering the amount of increased engagement they experienced once they began enlarging the size of link previews.

Some advertisers will begin seeing the change as soon as later this month, and it will completely roll out to advertisers later this year.

What are your thoughts? Will your brand see greater engagement with the new format? Will it make the creative process easier for your team? Share your thoughts with us!