Bigger Facebook Link Images Mean More Clicks, EdgeRank Checker Says

facebook link images

When it comes to getting users to click links, EdgeRank Checker has determined that bigger is better.

It made perfect sense when Facebook adjusted the size of the preview images that accompany shared links. We already knew that images get more engagement than just text updates, so it seemed to follow that larger Facebook link images would get the same kind of of response. Now, a blog post from the folks at EdgeRank Checker has confirmed exactly that.

Comparing the new and old link styles, EdgeRank Checker’s team determined:

  • New link images receive 55% more total clicks than the old style
  • Link clicks have increased 69% with the new format
  • Average engagement for links has increased 49%

So, what does that mean for your brand? It means there are a couple extra steps you should take to make sure you’re seeing all of the benefits this new format has to offer.

Optimize your articles.

Make sure that articles or posts on your site are accompanied by images that will work well with the new larger format. If they’re not, go back and freshen them up with larger, higher-res versions.

Optimize other sites’ articles.

Make sure that any articles or posts you share from a third party on your Facebook page are accompanied by an image that looks great as a preview. If the site you’re pulling it from didn’t get the memo, and the images aren’t up to your standards, then providing the article title, shortened link and image as a status update is your best option.

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