Digital Marketing Toolbox: Tweriod

Every month or so a new study comes out about the best time to post on Facebook or Twitter. Their intentions are good (I think), but these studies are all inherently flawed and ultimately useless to you for one reason: they don’t focus on your followers. Who cares when someone else’s followers are online? To find your best time to tweet, you need to look at your followers’ peak activity times. Fortunately, though, you won’t have to commission your own study; instead, check out this free tool called Tweriod.


To find out when your tweets will get the most exposure, give Tweriod access to your account and sit tight until you receive an email alerting you that your analysis is ready — I received mine within about five minutes. Click through to the report and browse through the various tabs to get various perspectives on the data, including the times when most of your followers are online, a list of the best time ranges to tweet, and the times when you have received the most @replies. Time breakdowns are restricted to Sundays, Mondays and weekdays.

You can even connect Tweriod data to your Buffer account so that your tweets are automatically scheduled at optimal times.


The freemium version will only analyze your 1,000 most recent followers. To get stats for more followers, you can upgrade to the premium version, which also includes PDF versions of reports.

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