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Keep an Eye on the Competition with Perch

If you’re a small business, the capabilities of the free app Perch can help you keep abreast of your local competition with just a few taps.

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Digital Marketing Toolbox:

There is a science to curating great content, but a great easy content curation tool is accessible and available to use right away:

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Set Deadlines, Assign Content with GatherContent

Tools like Hootsuite and Sprout Social have made it easier for teams to collaborate on social, but what about general site content? Enter GatherContent.

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3 Essential Blogger Outreach Tools

Whether you’re trying to gather a group of potential beta testers or trying to spread the word about a project, bloggers can be an incredible asset to have. Before starting your campaign, use these blogger outreach tools to build and refine your contacts list.

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Timetoast Helps Users Create Interactive Timelines

If you don’t have an established creative team at your disposal, Timetoast can help you create an interactive timeline from scratch, complete with history blurbs, pictures and dates with an intuitive interface.

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Behance: The Niche Social Network Designers Should Know

Behance is a free social network that showcases creative work (including interior design, graphic design, advertisements) and allows others to discover it.

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Digital Marketing Toolbox: PicMonkey

We know that visual content is the heart of content and social media marketing. But, if you’re not experienced with Photoshop, you might not have time to master the learning curve that comes with it. If that’s the case, PicMonkey might be the best tool to add to your digital […]

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Digital Marketing Toolbox: Followerwonk

Wondering how your Twitter presence stacks up against your competitors and colleagues? Followerwonk lets you make the comparison instantly, on several levels. What does it offer? Social authority analysis Based on your influence, number of followers, frequency of posts and other factors, users are assigned a social authority score. Since […]

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Digital Marketing Toolbox: ShareYourCart

For ecommerce sites, shopping cart abandonment is a big obstacle to overcome. SaleCycle estimates that the abandonment rate is at a staggering 73%. With 7 out of every 10 online shoppers failing to complete their purchase, e-commerce sites are looking for ways to facilitate the purchase, as well as get […]

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Spark Creativity by Searching with Niice

We know how important it is to accompany your digital content with attractive imagery. When your creative juices start to run low, though, it can be difficult to find inspiration. This is where Niice comes in. You can think of Niice as Google image search revamped specifically for designers. By […]

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