Create Animated GIFs on Your iPhone with Cinemagram

In the spirit of Friday, let’s delve into some iPhone generated, GIF-style fun. Isn’t that the best kind?

Meet Cinemagram, an application that creates subtly animated images on your iPhone. We took this opportunity (or perhaps created the opportunity) to show off the charming new office kitten, Winston.

How it works

  1. Film a 2-3 second video
  2. Animate a small portion of the image
  3. Apply one of Cinemagram’s filters
  4. Share via Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook or email

…with a slight learning curve

After spending a little more time with the app than I’d like to admit (thanks friends and Winston for being such willing subjects), I’ve come to the conclusion that the steps above are easier said than done. Yes, the app is new in general and new to me, so I’ll be fair and say there’s room for improvement on both ends.

First off, the Edit Video step is tricky. You want to select a very short clip, but the sliders are tricky to grab. The next step is to draw in the animated area, which is not as simple as the icons below illustrate. The poltergeist-y look on Winston’s head above is a symptom of my poor drawing skills. But you can always go back and re-do the previous step. . . which needless to say is where things can get dangerously time consuming.


As you can tell Cinemagram looks eerily similar to Instagram, minus a few social functions like profiles and comments.

For more semi-animated fun, take a gander at Cinemagram’s Tumblr page.

Cinemagram is available for $1.99 in the App Store. An Android version is not currently available.

Have you experimented with Cinemagram? Share the fruits of your labor with us on Twitter.