Connect Team Members to Your Brand’s YouTube Account with Google Plus

video marketing

YouTube recently announced a beta service that allows YouTube channel owners to connect their YouTube presence to multiple Google Plus accounts. What does this mean for brand marketers? It means that it’s suddenly much easier for multiple team members to manage a single channel. Splitting YouTube-related duties will prevent you from having to give out your brand’s YouTube login credentials and even help you focus on other tasks at hand. How can you use this to your advantage? Start brainstorming with our suggestions below.

Assign members to keep content up to date.

Commercials, webinars, Q&As and hangouts all make for excellent video content, you just need to make sure that your audience has access to them. Do you have a brand member who is largely in charge of creating or sourcing this video content? Give them access to the channel by linking their Google Plus page with the brand YouTube account and they’ll be able to upload new content as soon as it becomes available.

Curate and create playlists.

Are there themes or types of content that frequently pop up in your videos? If you have a backlog of material, you can assign a team member to sift through the content and organize it according to theme (e.g. social media marketing) or type (e.g. webinar). This will make it easier for you and your fans to locate exactly what they are looking for. If it’s appropriate, you can also assign team members to curate playlists of third party content. For example, if someone writes a blog post about popular commercials from the ‘80s, they can then curate a playlist that consists of these ads.

Monitor comments and feedback.

Is there one person who is specifically in charge of replying to your social audience on sites like Facebook and Twitter? Give them access to your channel and give them the ability to directly respond to that audience, too. This will ensure that all the brand’s comments will have the same voice and be consistent with the image the brand is presenting.

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