Taking a Cue from Luxury Brands on YouTube

Although most luxury brands are deeply rooted in tradition, they haven’t been afraid to embrace the digital world. Last August, we reported that more luxury brand marketers are looking to increase spending on digital marketing “because it’s effective at driving favorability and online and in-store purchases.” One of the facets of digital marketing that luxury brands seem to have embraced is the world of YouTube. What are three tactics brands like Dior, Dolce & Gabbana and Burberry are using to set their YouTube channels apart?

Creating sleek, branded channel backgrounds

background image

When you visit Dior and Burberry’s channel pages, the element that catches your eye first is the colorful and creative background image. Although this element isn’t necessarily something you miss if it’s absent from a brand’s channel page, it absolutely catches your attention when it’s present. Creating a custom background image that embodies your brand, your mission or your product gives your brand extra authority and added visual value. If you haven’t created a channel background image for your brand yet, get the dimensions and learn how to upload it here.

Focusing content around product intros

product intro

The brands we took a look at are luxury fashion brands, constantly in the spotlight and strutting down the catwalk. This makes it easy for them to create videos introducing their new collections and seasonal styles. Even if you’re a fashion-focused brand, you probably aren’t able to hit the runway every time you have a new collection to debut, but you can still use this concept. Take the time to create great videos around new products, new styles and even new features — whatever is most applicable to your brand. You can even make it more fun and personable by recruiting your coworkers to help.

Making high-end more personable with fun content

fun content

“Fun content” can consist of many things — Burberry has posted runway-worthy makeup tutorials, Dolce & Gabbana loves to feature interviews with runway models and Dior posted the popular “Lady Dior” mini documentary. Dolce and Gabbana themselves even got in on the fun by creating a psychedelic holiday greeting for fans. Maybe you won’t go that far with your brand, but there’s plenty of inspiration to be found for your own video content. Behind-the-scenes footage, fun one-on-one interviews with employees and customers, silly holiday content and company activities are all great subjects for videos. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

You can also improve your YouTube presence with simple content and title tweaks. Find out how here.