Coca-Cola, Ford Endorse Facebook Following GM’s Pull-Out

b2b social media, social media b2b, b2b social media marketing, b2b seo, b2b social media strategy, b2b seo agency, b2b social media examples, b2b seo services, b2b seo consultantAfter GM pulled its advertising from Facebook just days before its IPO debut, marketers everywhere found themselves bombarded with articles detailing why Facebook ads don’t work. After a steady stream of Facebook bashing, a study was released that argued why Facebook is indispensable to brands. Now, two major brands have come forward to show their support of the platform.

Ford and Coca-Cola, two brands who know how to interact with their social audiences, have come forward to give Facebook a vote of confidence. Ford recently stated that it will be intensifying its social media marketing efforts. This is an especially impressive statement since Ford spent $4.1 billion on advertising in 2011 alone.

Coca-Cola also came forward to downplay GM’s claims, saying the network allows it to reach massive numbers of people who are willing to discuss the company’s products and activities. The fact that Coca-Cola is the top brand on Facebook, with over 43 million fans, further speaks its potential reach.

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